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Privacy of every client that visits our page is crucial for us and that’s why in order to secure that and of course yourself, we have prepared for you quite detailed explanation how all the practices and choices work, how the procedure looks like, and how every data is gathered and used in here. Just to make sure you will find it without any problems, we created a short-cut at our page, where you can check out all the info by yourself.
We encourage you to read all the details regarding the topic. You will find there answers on any question or concern you may have. In case there is not enough information about any topic, contact us at:

Collecting data and the use thereof has never disclosed and will never disclose any information that could be used to identify the users of the page. The data we collect is not of personal matter. Furthermore, we do not transfer it to any third party without the allowance from the users. Additionally, personally identifiable information regarding our visitors are not stored by the company unless the users voluntarily accepted the flow of information.

Any and all visitors of may accept the terms to voluntarily deliver personal information that regards: (I) registration in the service, (II) registration via subscription on the site, where subscription is needed, (III) membership registration, and (IV) e-commerce transactions. Personal information of the users that are voluntarily provided by the users, can be used for the development of the content via community posts (e.g. posts on the forums, comments, suggestions, recommendations, voting, or bulletin boards).

Several pages may contain links to third party sides, where regulations and privacy policy can differ from this particular one. In order to ensure safety, the visitors should always follow the rules that are established by other sites. Due to the lack of control over the flow of the information, Gamecheatsfiles is not responsible for data gathering on these third parties.

The services may use personal information to perform activities stated before only for the purposes of internal and promotional marketing. In addition, the company can also use the information of mailing lists when they are available to other organizations (the third parties can be provided with personal information only in the case of occasional provision of mailing lists).

In order to learn more about the policies of the page, we recommend visiting this page Membership List Policy.

The scope of this use is always thoroughly described when the visitor of the site delivers such data.
In case the user visiting this page does not agree on terms of collecting and using the information by the service for the purposes stated above, the user is provided with the option to “opt-out”. Nevertheless, it is very important to note that under certain circumstances, the users of this page may not be qualified to perform some activities, where the personal information is requited. In the case the participant of the contest devices to “opt-out” while he has agreed to provide us with the personal information, we are illegible to contact with him or her in the event of winning without using such information.

The admission of the presented Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions of Website.
You accept the previously mentioned terms and conditions of Privacy Policy by using this site. In the case of not accepting the terms and conditions, do not use the services provided by the website. The page reserves the right to freely modify, adjust, remove, and change the whole paragraphs or particular portions of this policy at any time.

Periodically may introduce updates in the privacy policy. The users of the page will be notified about any changes of the regulations that concern the treatment of personal information. It is recommended to review the whole privacy policy in order to gather all the information and always be up to date with the changes. The use of Web Page is equivalent with accepting the changes.

In case of any questions or issues regarding privacy policies, contact with the administrator.